Golf Ball Broom 30 Ball Unit

Our thirty ball unit is excellent for collecting small amounts of golf balls especially useful for

  • Collecting in corners of the driving range – or indeed around putting practice areas
  • @ Home driving nets – quick collecting of your practice balls
  • PGA teaching pro – collecting around the putting range – saves your back.
  • Edge of lakes – you don’t need to see the balls to collect them
  • 10 Times Faster than a shag bag or other golf ball retriever

So what do I get for $59.95 ?

  • Golf Ball Broom 30 Ball Model ball retreiver
  • Five piece steel click together handle – as strong as a steel handle when assembled.
  • Clip on emptying device – empty the Golf Ball Broom in under a second !
  • Free delivery until the end of June 2011 – Save $9-95
  • This offer will not be repeated !

“Not sure ? – Return for full refund within 90 Days !”

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