In the last say 15 maybe 20 years a word has dropped out of everyday useage ,REPAIR

Our landfill and indeed our homes and businesses are full of products that could simply be repaired , except for the fact that big stores do not supply parts , manufacturers are not interested in supplying parts only the latest replacement model !

We believe this is wrong – That is why the Golf Ball Broom and indeed all our products are designed and manufactured to be easily repaired with little more than a wrench or two and a little patience.

However we have built each unit the best we know and indeed the best we can afford to so you should have many years use before you need to think of repairing – however remember we will be here with the parts and indeed the instruction to allow you to get your Golf Ball Broom back to like new !

The No More Bending Team

Golf Ball Broom is part of No More Bending LLC


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